Welcome to KBIP "La Candelaria" School

A class of a public school in Bogotá, Colombia joins KBIP for the first time. Students between 13 and 17 years old exchange opinions, theories and experiences on the historical and cultural heritage of their country with a class of Québec. Thanks to the teachers: Dave Dumas, Fabian Cordoba and Juan Duque.

Partnership between Quebec and Mexico

Teachers of primary and secondary schools in Quebec will work in partnership with primary and secondary schools in Mexico. Teachers of different grades and subjetcts meet in Via videoconferencing and work on Knowledge Forum to clarify the issues and the schedule of the activities for their classes during this scholar year.

First KBIP meeting for primary school teachers

Teachers of primary schools in Quebec and Mexico met for the first time last Tuesday in order to coordinate the work of this year as part of "Tomorrow's Innovators."

KBIP 2013-2014

The Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP) starts this year with new opportunities for international partnerships. Classes from Mexico and Brazil have joined the project. The first planning meeting will be held in September to meet with teachers who wish to participate in the project, and to discuss about the topics that their class will investigate this year.

Videoconference with Catalonia

During the month of May, three videoconferences will take place with classes from Catalonia. These meetings will provide an opportunity for students to meet and present their projects. The meetings will be conducted in English, which is also a foreign language for the Catalan students. The participating students are in the fifth grade.

All students, regardless of age, are invited to attend !

A planning meeting for a partnership between two classes

A planning meeting was held on November 2 in order to establish a partnership between a class from Colombia and a class from Quebec.

Professional development workshop: KBIP

On November 21 at 12 p.m. (Eastern time), there will be a professional development workshop that will present KBIP. The workshop will last approximately 60 minutes and will be held using the videoconferencing system Via. This activity will provide participants with the opportunity to discover the 2012-2013 calendar for KBIP. The workshop will be conducted by Pier-Ann Boutin and Jessica-Ann Métivier. Members of the Remote Networked Schools Project will automatically receive an invitation.

New themes for the 2012-2013 school year

A schedule for the 2012-2013 school year was created by the team from Laval University in order to provide KBIP participants with topics that could be used in the context of partnerships. You can view the calendar here.

International meeting: Québec- Catalonia

A KBIP meeting was held on Thursday, April 26 between a class from Catalonia (Spain) and two classes from Quebec. The classes that took part included Helene Dufour's class.

Quebec-New York collaboration

We would like to congratulate two teachers, Tracy Karas from New York and Michelle Landry from CS Côte-du-Sud, for their work in organizing collaboration work between their high school students. With the use of videoconferencing tools, their students met in teams to discuss different research questions. They also plan to meet in the Knowledge Forum at a future date to continue their discussions.


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