Joining the Project

If you are interested in joining the project, this section will provide you with the tools to make the process work.

Getting Started

  • Contact the coordination team to sign up for the project.
  • Verify that you have the specific hardware/software to take part (see the section on hardware/software).
  • If you're new to the technology, try out the software and get help from the coordination team regarding your questions.
  • Develop initial questions with your class and start the project locally in with your students.
  • Plan your learning outcomes for the project.

During the Project

  • Establish a block of time in which you can participate in videoconferencing.
  • Be flexible and creative.
  • Try to respect deadlines set with your partner.
  • Participate in international meetings.
  • Have fun!

After the Project

  • Thank your project partners.
  • Celebrate your learning with your students.
  • Set goals for your next project.


Click here for a guide to planning your project.