First high school students meeting: Quebec/Mexico

Highschool students from Mexico (San Luis de Potosi) and Quebec (Magdalen Islands) met in a videoconference on the 13th December. They talked about where do they live, their schools and their classes. 

Written contributions in KF about "Risky behaviors in adolescents" will begin next year.

Traces from Quebec in Colombia!

Angela Perez, research assistant for the Remote Networked Schools (ÉER), visited on November 22nd, I.E.D. La Candelaria, located in Bogota, Colombia. The students of this institution collaborate and exchange ideas and theories about heritage with a class of Quebec since September 2013.

TEAM C: This is how we live Christmas in our countries!

Two classes from Quebec (teachers Julie Turcotte and Manon Bruneau) and one from Puebla, Mexico (Ana Laura Rodriguez) introuced themselves in a videoconference hold last Thursday. Students spoke about Christmas traditions in their home countries and they exchanged cultural questions about their regions.

TEAM B: Get to know us!

One class from Mexico and two from Quebec, had their first videoconference on the last 12th November. They introduced themselves and asked each other some questions about cultural aspects of their countries. The videconference served also as an introduction to the topic they are already discussing about in the Knowledge Forum: "Endangered species".

TEAM A: Get to know us!

Students from Mexico and Quebec had their first videoconference on the last 5th November. They introduced themselves and asked each other some questions about cultural aspects of their countries.     

Des enseignants du Mexique présentent KBIP

Teachers from one of the schools of the Network of Jesuit schools in Mexico: "San Francisco Javier" San Juan de Potosi joined us by videoconference during the 2013 Session Transfer the School Network held in Pohénégamook on the last 11th and 12th October.

Team work!

Teachers participating in KBIP are matched with others, taking into account the age of their students, the topic they would like to investigate about and the language in which the exchanges will take place. Here there are the teams formed for the work during 2013-2014.

Classes from Quebec and Colombia met!

On the 28th October, students from Quebec and Colombia met in videoconference. They had already started introducing themselves in the Knowledge Forum where they wrote their names, ages and hobbies. 

Maria Juliana Huertas, who is a current student at the Philology program of the National University of Colombia, guided the students from Bogota, Colombia doing their contributions in French.

For having access to the full Power Point document students from Colombia have prepared please click here.

Welcome Magdalen Islands to KBIP!

Teacher Remi Leduc from Magdalen Island, will start participating in KBIP this year. He will be working with Irma Jasso, a teacher from San Luis de Potosi. The topic for their students is Teen Risk Behaivors. Thank you Irma and Remi and welcome to KBIP!

Doing research in KBIP

The exchanges between participants in KBIP classes can be analyzed from a scientific perspective. Hence the great potential of Knowledge Forum assessment tools for research, which studied from relevant theoretical perspectives, show us the impact of participation in KBIP our classes.


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