About Water!

During the year 2010-2011, the KBIP implemented a great unifying project on the theme of water in all its forms, from all angles:

• aquatic fauna
• ocean currents
• transport and development
• hydroelectricity
• regional issues
• pollution
• geography

Schools from Quebec, Los Angeles, Mexico, Colombia, Barcelona, Burkina Faso and Hong Kong were participating.

Collaborations was held locally at first, and then internationally in a second time. Exchanges took place on VIA platform, with videos and on site (Hong Kong).

Activities occurred on the Knowledge Forum throughout the year in order to share knowledge and investigative objects between classes (based on data from a knowledge building community (CoÉco) or third base).

At the end of the year, a conference presented the summary of the work done on the selected original problems related to the theme of water.