The Project

By taking part in KBIP, the participating classes extend their learning beyond the walls of their classrooms by connecting with other schools in different cultures. In KBIP, teachers and students are in distant classes but their classes collaborate together to achieve common goals.

Benefits for students

KBIP offers students a unique environment to:

  • research global issues and sharing their findings with students in other countries.
  • gain a deeper understanding of multiple perspectives on the problem.
  • state their ideas and assumptions explicitly.
  • adopt an open attitude to new and different ways of thinking.
  • evaluate and interpret conflicting positions.
  • work collaboratively and creatively with their peers, online and in person.
  • develop sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • increase awareness of world issues.
  • nurture innovative thinking about authentic problems.
  • acquire content knowledge.
  • reflect on the usefulness and improvability of ideas.
  • practice using a foreign language.

These skills are essential in order to prepare youth to be productive global citizens in an increasingly complex, knowledge-based society.

Students in the KBIP project benefit not only from the development of relevant skills in a rich authentic environment, but also a deepened sense of pride in their work, commitment to others and engagement in their learning process.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers participating in the KBIP project have a unique professional development opportunity to:

  • network with a colleague in another country.
  • collaborate on creating lesson plans.
  • share resources.
  • develop their competencies using technology.
  • practice using a foreign language.
  • reflect on their professional practice.