Knowledge building on our impact on the forest

Activities during 2009-2010 were based on the forest. Students worked on 7 topics including:  Maple syrup industry,  forest industry, w ildlife, m elting glaciers,  leisure industry, a cid rain, w ildfires. This is the KF view students participating in this research worked on:

In order to deepening their theories about these topics, students worked by teams.  After discussing their initial theories and doing some research about each topic, students worked on KF by creating collective notes, this means that a contribution had more that one author so selected students could modify and/or add new information to the note.  The following are exemples of the views created and its content:

After arriving to conclusions and creating "Rise above" notes, students advanced on their theories. This is an exemple of  contributions made for one of the teams concerning the logging and forest industry:

Throughout the school year, classes met with Via, a video conferencing platform. Although the classes met every month to present the results of their investigation, they held an international conference online at two key points in the process. The first conference was held on December 9 th and 10 th 2009. This meeting allowed time to the classes to get to know each other, but also to present their research questions linked to the theme in the study.

The second online conference was held on May 19-20-21th 2010. This last meeting allowed students to present their research results and to review the common understanding that they developed on the subject.