A class from Mexico meets an expert

Patricia Lozano‘s class from "San Francisco Javier School" in Mexico, met on April 29 the environmental expert Edgardo de los Santos. Students had the opportunity to discuss about endangered species in the region and asked the expert questions about their role and the role of different actors in their community concerning the conservation of animal's habitat.We would like to thank Edgardo de los Santos, and teachers Violeta Castillo and Patricia Lozano for their participation.This meeting was recorded in order to allow other classes in the region to have access.

Tomorrow's Innovators 2014

The Knowledge Building International Project is a knowledge building initiative supporting work across countries. Over the years, it has included schools in Canada, Catalonia, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the United States. KBIP offers important opportunities for KBI members, and the plan for the Summer Institute 2014 is to anchor Tomorrow's Innovators events in KBIP. Much of KBIP work engages students in environmental issues.

Our first meeting with the experts: a great success!

On April 11th, several classes from Quebec of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, participating in KBIP, held a videoconference with biologists Diane Ostiguy and Christine Robitaille. 

Endangered species: What do the experts say?

On Friday, April 11, classes from Quebec will meet by videoconference biologists Diane Ostiguy and Christine Robitaille from the

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Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks. Students will have the opportunity to gain perspective on their ideas and theories inital, built during their participation in the project through written correspondence and videoconference with students from Mexico. The classes from Mexico, will have the same experience with a local expert.

Risky Behaviours at Elementary School

One class from CS-Cœur-des-Vallées and another from Bogota (Colombia) are working collaboratively about "Risky Behaviours at School".

Collaborative effort between Quebec and Mexico

 Classes from Quebec and Mexico are working in partnership since last October.The two classes from Team A met by videoconference during February in order to create a "Rise above" contribution in the KF. For more details on this great experience click here

Highschool Team A: Let's meet!

Highschool students from Mexico and Quebec met during a videoconference on the last 5th February. They exchanged a list of questions teachers have prepared for this activity. Groups of 4 students were formed, so they got to interact and discuss abour their schools and cities. This videoconference was a great opportuniy to introduce the topic they will work on for the next moths: "Youth Risk Behaviors". 

Team G: Getting to know you!

One class from Mexico and one from Quebec, had their first videoconference on the last 7th February. They introduced themselves and asked each other some questions about cultural aspects of their countries.  Students and teachers worked together on a power point presentation of their village, school and class.  Thank you to  Josée Allard, Loy Trejo and their students.  

TEAM C: This is what we do for Christmas!

Two classes of Quebec, and one from Mexico introduced each other during a video conference last Thursday. The students talked about Christmas traditions in their countries and they exchanged questions about the culture of their regions. Thank you to teachers Julie Turcotte, Manon Bruneau and Ana Rodriguez for their participation.

A series of meetings between Quebec and Catalonia

Valerie L. Roy and Monica Vega encountered a series of meetings with three of their Elementary classes. During these meetings students presented their school and villages. In a collaboratif effort students will build their theories on the KF about "Sustainable Cities", then they will meet again in a Videoconference where they will discuss about their previous and new theories. 


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