Here are is a brief summary of some equipment and materials needed in order to take part in networking activities:

1. A large bandwidth

The bandwidth is a must in order to exploit the possibilities of the network. Some online activities may still be conducted with weaker internet connections.

2. A few computers in the classroom, ideally laptops with wireless internet connection.

Wireless internet connection increases flexibility and facilitates the integration of the KBIP project into the daily activities of the class. If the class is using desktop computers, it is important to implement a physical layout that takes into account that students may be working in groups in front of the computers.

3. Webcams

In order to take part in video conferencing, web cams are required. Although there are several brands that can be used, we reccommend cameras from Logitech due to their excellent compatibility, regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Their price is less than a hundred dollars.

4. External microphones and headsets

Although several webcams have microphones, they often provide poor sound quality. We therefore recommended using a separate external microphone.

Furthermore, a few headsets may be useful. Several even incorporate a microphone that is generally of good quality. Such headsets improve the quality of videoconferencing in a context where students are asked to take part in activities.