Team work!

Teachers participating in KBIP are matched with others, taking into account the age of their students, the topic they would like to investigate about and the language in which the exchanges will take place. Here there are the teams formed for the work during 2013-2014.

Elementary School

TEAM A Joannie Vézina (QC)
Patricia Berrones (MX)
TEAM B Lulu Trejo (MX)
Sonia Rancourt (QC)
Hélène Dufour (QC)
TEAM C Julie Turcotte (QC)
Ana Laura Rodríguez (MX)
Manon Bruneau (QC)
TEAM D Grissel del Carmen Jimenez (MX)
Griselda Herrera (LA)
TEAM E Valérie L. Roy (QC)
Mónica Vega (SP)
TEAM F Valérie L. Roy (QC)
Patricia Berrones (MX)
TEAM G Josée Allard (QC)
Loy Trejo (MX)
TEAM H Viviane Thibault (QC)
Perrine Blanc (COL)
TEAM I Isabelle Blanchard (QC)
Loy Trejo (MX)

High School

TEAM A Michelle Landry (QC)
Ricardo Vasquez (MX)
TEAM B Dave Dumas (QC)
Fabian Córdoba (COL)
TEAM C Rémi Léduc (QC)
Irma Jasso (MX)