Our first meeting with the experts: a great success!

On april 11th , several classes from Quebec  of 4th , 5th, and 6th grade, participating in KBIP, held a videoconference with biologists Diane Ostiguy and Christine Robitaille. 
These experts from the Ministry of Sustainable Development , Environment , Wildlife and Parks have presented a definition of wildlife and biodiversity. They have also unveiled species that are endangered in the region of Quebec, aswell as those activities that could have an impact on wildlife.
This collaborative work will continue on the Knowledge Forum , where all classes who participated in the meeting, will deepen their theories on how some activities  could harm wildlife . Students will also share their knowledge to identify species that are threatened by these activities and they will present their latest findings to partners classes in Mexico.
A big thank you to the experts and participanting clases of teachers: Manon Bruneau (CS Laurentides), Julie Turcotte et Mireille Gauthier-Robert (CS Rives-du-Saguenay), Joannie Vézina (CS Côte-du-Sud), Hélène Dufour (CS René-Lévesque), Isabelle Blanchard, Josée Allard et Julie Poulin(CS Coeur-des-Vallées) and observants Vivianne Béedard (CS Coeur-des-Vallées) et Nathalie Roy (CS Fleuve-et-des-Lacs). 
For having access to the record of the meeting or more have detailed information, please contact Angela Perez.