Personalised meeting between Québec and Burkina Faso

Two classes from Burkina Faso and two classes from Quebec (Saguenay school board and Rene Levesque school board) attended a personalised KBIP meeting last Thursday, April 21, 2011. The groups from Burkina Faso first experienced technical difficulties with their electricity and Internet connection; however, the group at St. Viator High School was able to connect briefly via videoconference. The classes in Quebec and Burkino Faso were able to see each other and wave to each other.

During the meeting, classes in Quebec presented their work on topics such as salmon farming, the causes and effects of pollution on rivers (algae, aquatic species at risk, etc. .). One class also discussed the consequences of water pollution on the salmon and the economic activities of fishing. It was a very rich exchange where the students could make links between the different research topics. The participants also discussed solutions to the issues surrounding water.